Mosquito Problem

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You know you have a mosquito problem if:

• You hear annoying wing buzz around your ear (Especially those of the female mosquitoes)
• You witness itchy bumps on the exposed parts of your skin (They are called “mosquito bites”)
• Use outdoor and indoor mosquito traps to monitor mosquito presence and activity in and around the house. One of the best ways to do that is by using a specific trap for adult female mosquito monitoring that is also widely used by the Singapore National Environment Agency (NEA). It is called the Gravitrap.
• You notice a large number of mosquitoes flying out from dark corners and spots both in the house and in bushy areas outside.
To flush out these buggers, spot check such dark corners of the house by also paying attention to nearby vegetation and bushy areas outside. When you find them, spray the mosquito repellent onto those places and keep checking the number of flying mosquitoes repelled. Few aerosol products have been found to be efficient on them, including EcoPCO ACU and Controz AIK aerosol.
• Try and mark down any potential mosquito breeding sites around your house (water sources of 1-inch deep, rain puddle size are already sufficient for them to lay their eggs).

What to do when you have mosquito problems:

• When you go outside to do some sports, trekking, family gathering or any other outdoor activities, you may want to protect yourself from mosquito bites. If that is the case, the organic Forest Bath Lavender Flavor Mosquito Repellent might be the best choice. It must be applied onto the exposed skin before leaving the house. You can also bring it along in your hand bag or backpack and reapply the repellent every 4-6 hours for better protection.
• Try using your mosquito spray to beat them off by directly spraying on them while they are actively flying around either in your house or garden. To make it a sure shot, you need to understand the right time to do it. For example, in order for you to get rid of the “Dengue” mosquito (scientifically named as Aedes mosquito), use the odorless aerosol product called Controz AIK aerosol for indoor application between the time range of about 5 to 7 pm (Pre-sunset). Try to get all the spraying done both inside and outside at around the same time for maximum efficiency so you can create a mosquito-safe zone. The following two products have been proved to be efficient: Ecosmart Flying Insect Killer, Ecosmart Mosquito Fogger.
• If the particular garden is big, we can’t just use the small aerosol or spraying can for a thorough mosquito control. In that case, you may want to consider the use of the Ecosmart Mosquito & Tick Control. Connect it with the water hose (may be required to purchase a simple plastic connector from a hardware shop if the water hose size is incompatible with the product) so that you can have a proper garden spray to get rid of the mosquitoes hiding around or inside the vegetation. This application process can be completed at anytime you want:

EcoSmart  Mosquito and Trick Control Products

How to prevent mosquitoes from ever coming back:

• Prevention is still considered to be the most proactive measure you can take to protect yourself from mosquito bites. The only way to do that is by making sure you can kill the mosquito larvae that live in stagnant water sources (including vegetation, roof gutter, tree hole, waste container, drainage, planter boxes, etc.) well before they have a chance to develop.
• Abate sand granule is an excellent alternative to use in any container that may be a potential mosquito breeding site, however, if you concern yourself with the clearing of the sand residue, you may want to use the Relief T instead, for it has the same mosquito larva killing function. It will also dissolve well in water. Still, the best way is to reduce all the potential water sources, if possible. Abate application:

Relief T applications:

• One bonus tip that could help protect you from mosquito bites is a special product called Kool-Kool Cooling Spray. It is advisable to use before the application of the Forest Bath Lavender Flavor Mosquito Repellent to enhance its protection effect as it will reduce our body temperature and become hard to detect by the warm temperature sensitive mosquitoes.

Common Species:

• Dengue mosquito (Aedes aegypti)
• Night biting mosquito (Culex sp.)
• Malaria mosquito (Anopheles sp.)

Fun Facts

• For every mg of human blood digested by a mosquito, it is capable of providing nutrients to 40 eggs. Thus, one mosquito bite will be sufficient to feed up to hundreds of(200-300) eggs laid by a single female mosquito!
Mosquitoes are some of the most deadly animals in the world, because mosquito bites alone can result in the deaths of >1 million people per year with an average >2700 people dying every day due to mosquito-related disease transmissions.
• The World Health Organization has come to the conclusion that there are at least 300 to 500 million cases of malaria recorded each year — a child dies from malaria every 30 seconds.
Mosquitoes can spread a number of diseases to people, including Malaria, Dengue, Dengue hemorrhagic, Filariasis, West Nile Fever, Chikungunya, Yellow fever, Japanese Encephalitis, etc.