Cockroach Problem

You know you have a cockroach problem if: • You can smell a strong unpleasant oily or musky odour (it indicate a long-term infestation or that a lot of cockroaches are hiding nearby). • You suddenly start experiencing continuous allergic reactions (cockroaches do carry lots of allergic particles on their body, and they usually transmit […]

Bird Problem

You know you have a bird problem if: • You find bird nests in your building at high, concealed, undisturbed, flat and hard-to-reach areas (flat roofs or gaps in tall buildings or residential houses) • You hear a sort of high-pitched “crying sound” that birds make; it means that young birds cry for food. It […]

Ant Problem

You know you have an ant problem if: • You find ant trails around food items or water nearby. It is easy to spot when there is an ant troop crawling up and down in a line around the house. • You find a small piece of food that the ants have totally invaded. What […]

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