Ant Problem

Bytrac for Cockroach Control

You know you have an ant problem if:

• You find ant trails around food items or water nearby. It is easy to spot when there is an ant troop crawling up and down in a line around the house.
• You find a small piece of food that the ants have totally invaded.

What to do when you have ant-related problems:

• Directly apply the products called Ecosmart Ant & Roach Killer and Ecosmart Home Pest Control on the group of ants you want to terminate. This practice is a short-term solution, and it is only viable if you happen to find smaller groups of ants once in a while.
• If you want to scare the ant colony away, a more long-term solution would require the use of the Advion Ant Gel or Controz Ant Gel (they serve as baits to ants). When you apply the gel baiting, remember to place it near the edge of a wall and other suspected ant hiding places or active crawling areas for higher contact exposure. The ants exposed to the gel bait will take that bait back to their own colony nest and pass the same deadly effect along to the other ants, and thus bringing you a total victory over the whole ant colony. You may apply the gel in a size of a small green bean diameter (<5mm) but I advise you to use a little more from it for a more profound result.

How to prevent ants from ever coming back:

• I suggest using the Bytrac repellent gel for safety purposes to seal off all possible cracks and crevices that are highly potential places for ants to once again infiltrate your home. It is easy: just squeeze the grease gel onto any small crack and gap to block crawling insects, including ants:

Bytrac is a Ant Control Products

Bytrac serves as a long-term preventive measure against ant-infestation from at least 6 months up to a year depending on environmental conditions. Recommended to use with 0.5 – 1cm thickness (the hole size of the tube has been fixed for the optimum thickness and needs no special adjustment) of the gel layer, and the length will depend on the size of the target cracks and crevices. A tight and complete sealing with the gel is important to prevent the future reoccurrence of ants.
• Housekeeping and cleaning is also essential to reduce the possibility of ant infiltration by reducing the amount of food and water left out on the counter/table. This practice alone will help create a non-preferable living environment for ants.

Common Species:

• Pharaoh ant (Monomorium pharaonis)
• Ghost ant (Tapinoma sp.)
• Crazy ant (Paratrechina longicornis)

Fun Facts

Ants can literally bring numerous diseases directly to your food sources and utensils if they happen to crawl through them.
• Some ants can bite or sting -or both- which is considered dangerous to humans as they may trigger allergic reactions. Such allergic reactions can often be serious to a point where hospitalization may become necessary.
• How big an ant colony may grow? There is no particular answer for that question, but one thing is for sure: as long as the food source is sufficient, ant colonies can keep on growing continuously. The recent record is held by an Argentine ant colony with billions of ants in its fold!