EcoSmart Bed Bug Repellent Travel Size

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This organic pesticides is labeled as child-safe and pet-safe. The patented technology is based on natural defenses that plants and trees use to protect themselves from insects and disease.

– Kills bed bugs fast and repels them
– No synthetic toxins or harmful residue
– Suitable to use on cracks and crevices and on mattress

Targeted Pest: Bed Bug
Packaging: Bottle 80ml
For use in: Indoor (around bed frame, mattress and head boards, window frame, wall hangings)

Before use:

This product contains plant oils which are inherently fragrant. For people who are sensitive to fragrances, test a small application before using over a larger area. While staining is unlikely, it is recommended to test for possible staining on an inconspicuous area on surfaces to be sprayed. Shake well before use.

For treatment/ protection around beds:

Spray around base/legs of bed and in cracks/crevices in bed frame. Spray all cracks/crevices around the headboard and foot board of the bed. Spray around the nightstand, any wall hangings and along the floorboard adjacent to the bed. Finally, spray around the location where your luggage will be placed. Repeat as necessary.

For treatment/ protection on mattresses:

Remove linens. Spot treat areas on mattress that may harbor bed bugs including in and around tufts, folds and seams. Repeat as necessary.

2 reviews for EcoSmart Bed Bug Repellent Travel Size

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Bought this for my mother-in law as well… and all I can say… It seriously work for it! Of course I bought one for my own use as well. Highly recommended!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Starting in late spring 2016, I experienced a bed bug infestation in my bedroom. I had never encountered such a situation before and have no idea how it started. I read everything on the internet I could find about this problem and tried several environmentally safe sprays, as I have two cats. Nothing worked, even after I found the source of the infestation, sprayed it, and sprinkled it with Borax.

    During this time, I was losing massive amounts of sleep because of my anxiety at never knowing when bed bugs were going to crawl near me or over me. They clung to my nightclothes and bedding; I found some in my shoes. On a couple of occasions, I even found one in an ear canal!

    Even worse, bed bugs bite—and while the bites heal, they are unsightly and itchy. As summer was beginning and temperatures were rising, I had to wear long sleeves and slacks to hide the embarrassing bites on my arms and legs.
    So I decided to give a try on this product, and it ended up working fine for me! Yes, it kills bed bugs, but I found that if I spray the area of my bed before I go to bed, it eliminates the presence of bed bugs almost entirely. Now I sleep through the night, and when I wake up, I may find one or two bed bugs—not crawling around, though, but dead.

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