AviPoint P20

Humane bird prevention
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AviPoint P20

AviPoint Bird Spikes are designed to stack closely and easy to use then conventional bundles. With their unique Glue Guide, it allows adhesives to be quickly and easily applied without mess and excess! This spike is suitable for use for protecting window ledges or sills.


 - Virtually invisible when installed
- Humane bird prevention
- Weather-proof
- Suitable for pigeons control


Targeted Pest: Bird
Packaging: Carton 1m
For use in: Outdoor (around edges of external building)

Clean surface areas, ensure it is free from bird's faeces. Apply adhesive glue to the plastic base of the spikes, and place the spikes on the surface. Hold the spikes for 2 mins before releasing. Plastic base of spikes can be snapped off to placed spikes at ideal places.

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