Olyset Net

Mosquito netting

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Olyset Net

Sumitomo Chemical's Olyset Net has revolutionized the global fight against malaria. Protecting nearly 800 million people since it received WHO recommendation in 2001. This netting is highly durable and award-winning for its long lasting insecticidal net, which uses hybrid polymer and controlled insecticide release technology to repel, kill and prevent mosquitos from biting for up to five years.


- Repels, kills and prevent mosquitoes
- Long lasting, up to 5 years (with insecticidal activity)
- Odorless
- Washable
- Recommended product by WHO
- Wide mesh size to allow good airflow


Targeted Pest: Mosquito
Packaging: 1 unit 160 x 180 x 150cm
For use in: Indoor (over bed)

Ready to use. Hang around bed frames, ensure that no hole or exposed areas

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