ViroLite 40

Light trap
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ViroLite 40

ViroLite flying insect trap is designed using energy saving EcoLite tubes and large HACCP compliant glue boards with grids. The adhesve boards which is hidden from view, allow discreet capture of flying insects. Ideal for indoor use in any setting, from offices to food establishments. Virolite 20 uses two 20 watt bulbs and has coverage of 120m2. We also provide rental service and please contact us +65 8133 8886 for more details.


- EcoLite for great energy savings
- Clean, following HACCP compliant with glue boards
- Overall aesthetic look


Targeted Pest: Fly
Packaging: 1 unit including 2 x 20 watt EcoLite Lamp and 1 x Glue Board G42
Dimensions: W700 x H155 x D175 mm
For use in: Indoor

ViroLite can either be plugged in or hard wired

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