Colony Eliminator Kit

Ant & cockroach gels

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Colony Eliminator Kit

Never ending battle with ants and cockroaches? This colony eliminator bundle - Controz Ant Gel and Controz Cockroach Gel will aid you in wiping out the whole colony of ants and cockroaches, leaving you a pests free home! It has an overnight killing efficacy, easy to use and non-messy. It is designed for easy and precised application, giving you more control in each application. Suitable for use in sensitive areas.


- Highly attractive and appealing to ants and cockroaches
- Odorless and non-staining
- Suitable for use in food-handling establishment
- Designed for easy and precised application
- Proven result on the common household ants and cockroaches


Targeted Pest: Ant, cockroach
Kit contains: 1 x 20g tube Controz Ant Gel
1 x 20g tube Controz Cockroach Gel
For use in: Indoor (kitchen, bathroom, warehouse, food storage area)

Use a clean cloth to clean application area, do not apply in areas where pesticides/ insecticides were used. Remove cap, touch tip to surface and squeeze the tube. Place gel in areas of suspected cockroach or ant's activity. For best results, apply many spots. Recap the gel after use.

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