EcoSmart Mosquito & Tick Control

Organic pesticide

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EcoSmart Mosquito & Tick Control

This organic pesticides is labeled as child-safe and pet-safe. The patented technology is based on natural defenses that plants and trees use to protect themselves from insects and disease.


- Kills and repells flying insects
- Safe to be used around children and pets
- Can be connected to a hose for wide area application


Targeted Pest: Mosquito and tick
Packaging: Bottle 946ml
For use in: Outdoor (lawns, landscapes, recreational areas)

Follow the application direction below (for best results):

• Shake Container Well Before Using.
• Apply on a dry day, and do not use if rain is expected within 24 hours.
• If temperatures exceed 85°F, spray in early morning or early evening when it is cooler.
• Delay watering for 48 hours after application.
• Reapply after heavy rainfall, and/or every three to four weeks or as necessary.
• FOR MOSQUITO CONTROL: Apply at dawn or dusk when mosquitoes tend to be the most active and accessible to spray.
• FOR TICK CONTROL: Apply directly to lawn when the grass is less than 3 inches tall. Reapply every two weeks for maximum effect to break life cycle.
• Repeat applications may be necessary for heavy infestations or certain problematic pests.

When using the hose end sprayer:

1. Connect sprayer to hose. Make sure the dial indicator on the nozzle is in the “OFF” position behind the safety tab.
2. Turn on water. Extend the hose to the farthest area to be treated and work back towards the faucet to ensure complete coverage.
3. To BEGIN spraying, point nozzle towards treatment site. Bend small plastic safety tab back with your thumb and turn knob clockwise until it stops in the “ON” position. Water will automatically mix with the product.
4. Spray as directed in the instructions for each use site below.
5. To “STOP” spraying, bend small plastic safety tab back and turn the knob counter-clockwise until the dial indicator is in the “OFF” position behind the safety tab.
6. Turn water off. To relieve pressure before removing sprayer from hose, bend the safety tab back and turn dial to “ON” until water stops spraying. Then turn back to “OFF” position.
7. Disconnect sprayer from hose.

For lawn applications:

Hold container upright. Do not aim toward ground. Apply over entire lawn as a thorough coverage spray.

For landscape applications:

Apply as a thorough foliar spray. Wet leaves and branches to the dripping point. Try to spray the underside of leaves and penetrate dense foliage. Do not spray blooms directly and avoid sensitive plants/flowers. Spray into trees high enough to cover lower limbs. Spray any standing water and under porches and desks.

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