Forest Bath Lavender Flavor Mosquito Repellent

Organic mosquito repellent

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Forest Bath Lavender Flavor Mosquito Repellent

This organic mosquito repellent uses premium quality extract - Eucalyptus and lavender oil imported from Japan. It comes with a refreshing and pleasant lavender scent, which could lasts up to 6 hours protecting against mosquitoes.


- Organic formulated product
- Pleasant lavender scent
- Safe (non-irritant repellent tested for family protection, including children)
- No oily residue
- Product does not contain DEET


Targeted Pest: Mosquito
Packaging: Bottle 50ml
For use in: On self (legs and hands)

Shake well before use. Hold container upright and aim nozzle on body parts (avoiding face and eyes). Press button firmly and spray while moving in a verticle or horizontal motion. Rub the excess repellent on skin. Wash hands after use.

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