EcoSmart Wasp & Hornet Killer

Organic pesticide

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EcoSmart Wasp & Hornet Killer

This organic pesticides is labeled as child-safe and pet-safe. The patented technology is based on natural defenses that plants and trees use to protect themselves from insects and disease.


 - Use to treat wasp, hornets or yellow jacktes
- Apply during sunrise or sunset when insects are least active in nest


Targeted Pest: Wasp, hornet, yellow jacket
Packaging: Can 400ml
For use in: Indoor or Outdoor

Shake well before use. If possible, apply at sunrise or sunset when insects are least active and in nest. Stand a safe distance from the nest. Hold container upright and aim nozzle away from yourself. Spray with wind at your back. Press button firmly to spray. Spray until the nest is soaked. Contact as many insects as possible.

NOTE: Avoid spraying directly on plants. Foliage contacted with spray should be hosed off.

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