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The ultimate 3-in-1 tools, to kill, seal and repel pests! This new conceptual gel is made by patented grease formulation with natural ingredient, White pepper extract. This flexible product will helps in preventing invasion of pests.


- Kill insects via the natural active ingredient
-  Applied as a barrier to seal off any insect or rat entry points
- Unique grease formulation provides long-lasting repellency effect
- Designed for easy and flexible application


Targeted Pest: Ant, Cockroach, Rodent
Packaging: Tube 90g
For use in: Indoor or Outdoor (sealing up cracks and crevices, near electrical wiring, vehicles)

Apply the gel on potenial entry cracks and crevices to reduce and block the insects from entering the premises. Work well with ant or cockroach gel and sprays.

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