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  • Benefits of the Controz Pest Kit for Homeowners

    What can homeowners do at the first signs of a pest invasion? Cockroaches, ants, rats, mice and other pests negatively impact human health and home value. It is best to address the issue at the earliest stages of a potential infestation.

    Rodents, cockroaches, ants or other pests can easily take over. Understand the dangers of common pests and how to rid yourself of them with the Controz Pest Kit.

    Dangers of Rats and Other Rodents

    Rats and other rodents can damage the property and impact human health. They often create holes in walls and floors and chew on electrical wires. Homeowners may experience a dangerous electrical issue when they are unaware of or ignore signs of rodents in a home. Additionally, residents may experience food poisoning or worse when rodents come into contact with stored or prepared food in a home.

    Others Pest Issues

    Cockroaches, ants and other pests can quickly infest a home. Dead insect bodies and fecal matter can worsen existing health conditions. Strange odors, odd sounds and multiple dead insect bodies may be among the first signs of pests in a home – sometimes a homeowner may need to request an inspection to find the source of an issue. A complete home use control kit helps homeowners eliminate an array of common pests.

    What is the Controz Pest Kit?

    The Controz Pest Kit is a complete home use pest control kit available for only $45 plus shipping and handling, if not qualified for the fast & free shipping option offered on This kit works to reduce and eliminates pets including:

    • Rodents;
    • Lizards;
    • Ants;
    • Cockroaches; and
    • All other insects.

    Tubes of gel bait, spray cans, insect traps and glue boards help homeowners address pest problems at the earliest signs of an infestation. Each product is easy to use for a homeowner and the glue board, ICE Insect Trap and Lizard Trap come in multiple packs within the kit. Homeowners get:

    • 2 Pack Controz Rodent Glue Board;
    • 4 Pack of ICE Insect Trap;
    • 3 Pack of Controz Lizard Trap;
    • 1 40 g Tube of Controz Ant Gel Bait;
    • 1 40 g Tube of Controz Cockroach Gel; and
    • 1 300 ml Can of Controz All Insect Killer.

    Pets and children should be kept away from direct contact with any pest control product. Each of the products included in the kit has its own set of directions for safe use and application.

    What Are the Benefits of the Controz Pest Kit?

    The Controz Pest Kit covers the majority of common pests homeowners may encounter in their home. Tenants and homeowners can easily purchase and use the kit at the first signs of pests, such as cockroaches, ants, lizards and rats. When an individual can accurately identify and treat such pests, the home becomes pest-free and suffers little if any damage from a serious pest infestation.

    The Controz Pest Kit is an affordable way for homeowners to quickly treat pests on their property. The kit offers homeowners:

    • Inexpensive pest control treatments;
    • A range of pest control products;
    • A way to safeguard the health of residents in a household; and
    • The ability to reduce the potential for structural damage and loss in home value.

    A pest infestation can cause health issues and complications for those with allergies, asthma and other health conditions. In addition, specific pests can eat away at wood and electrical wires, impacting the structural integrity and safety of a residence. Homeowners looking to sell their home will find it close to impossible to get top dollar when a house has had or still has a significant pest infestation. Take control of the problem as early as possible and address signs of destructive pests with the Controz Pest Kit.

    Rid Your Home of Pests Today

    Tenants and homeowners need an effective and easy to apply solution to address unwanted pests. The Controz Pest Kit is an effective option to reducing and eliminating many common household pests. Learn more about the Controz Pest Kit today.

  • Ways to Prevent and Get Rid of Flies at Home

    Flies are one of the most overlooked pests in homes across Singapore. More than a million species of flies are known to exist all over the world, and as pests, they are more than just a nuisance. If your home is close to a garbage dump or a place where dead animals are common, always keep a pest control kit handy. You should also try some other DIY treatments. Here are some proven ways to prevent or get rid of flies at home.

    Using lemongrass to repel flies

    Lemongrass oil is an excellent insect repellent and room air freshener. You will need lemongrass essential oil and some hot water. Mix 15-20 drops of lemongrass oil and about half a cup hot water in a spray bottle.

    Shake well and spray this solution over your windows, along the doorways, and all other entry points. The mixture can also be sprayed over any flies that you spot around the house. However, if the problem is severe, you will need a proper pest control kit.

    Clove and lemon fly deterrent

    The scent of both lemons and cloves is naturally repulsive to flies. Both of them tend to have strong scents, because of which they have culinary uses too. You will need 2 lemons and about 40 cloves. Cut both lemons into halves and poke 10 cloves in each half. Remember to keep the bud towards the outside. Now, arrange all the slices around your table or even outdoors.

    Get a light trap

    You can get this at any online pest control kit store. Light traps are highly effective at eliminating flies from homes and corporate spaces. Light traps are fully customizable and can function both as fast-kill traps and discreet light traps. Place the light trap at suitable and proper installation is critical to make the light trap an effective long-term fly monitoring and preventive measure.

    Practice exclusion and sanitation techniques

    It is important to eliminate fly-attracting sources along with investing in fly control methods. Sanitation helps to prevent the problem at the root. Eliminate breeding areas by removing/destroying food leftovers, garbage cans, and the like. Seal any vents and openings, and clean on a regular basis.

    Get an effective Aerosol spray

    Aerosols are found in most pest control kits and can be bought separately as well. The chemical gives immediate results and leaves no residue. Aerosols can be used to eliminate a number of other crawling and flying insects as well.

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