Common Health Problems Caused By Household Pests

Whether your house is infested with mosquitoes, rodents or cockroaches, each of these unwanted guests can cause serious and infectious diseases to you and your family. So, if any of them have detected at home, the very first thing to do is grab the best pest control kit you can lay your hands on. A professional and highly specialized kit is described as a potent weapon to deal with those household pests. Delaying treatment can result in your family members being infected by any of the following serious diseases.

Severe allergic reactions

Cockroaches, dust mites and even rodents can aggravate or cause serious allergies in humans. The manifestations could be either mild or severe, depending on the reaction. Some may experience breathing problems or asthmatic attacks or simple cold allergies can also occur. In some cases, people living in the house may experience severe redness and itching in and around the eyes with noticeable swelling. Allergic reaction on the skin in the form rashes or acne-like breakout is also a possibility.

Viral/ Bacterial infection

Rodents are known to spread viral infection, some of which can even cause life-threatening illnesses. The notorious Bubonic plague can be caused if you are bitten by a rodent flea. It can result in painful and swollen lymph nodes, headache and fever.

Feces of rodents can cause a specific type of food poisoning called salmonellosis, which occurs when contaminated food is consumed. It is characterized by symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea and fever. Consuming food contaminated by rodents can also cause rat bite fever. Similarly, cockroach feces can also cause food poisoning. Flies and ticks can cause Lyme disease. Flies can cause hepatitis, E coli infections, salmonella infections and so on.

Painful bites

Fleas and bed bugs can cause notorious bits. Not only are these bites painful, they are itchy and unsightly. More importantly, they also transfer germs and bacteria that can make you feel unwell. Rodent bites are known to be more dangerous; however, incidents of rodent bites are rare. However, children should be safeguarded from their attacks with care so that they do not tread into their territory.

A pest infestation at home can have multiple repercussions, therefore, it is important to be vigilant about keeping your home clean and pest free. Once a problem is detected, backed by the best pest control kit available in the home is the smartest move and early precaution step.

Remember, the problem of pest infestation needs to be tackled when it is still manageable. The more you delay and more difficult it will be to manage it. Doing it yourself promptly, with the help of a useful pest control kit, is best.

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