How to Get Rid of Rats at Home

Living with rats at home can be both annoying and worrisome. Whether it’s the fear of food contamination caused by their droppings or the sheer dangers of having them sink their teeth into your favorite dish, it can all be quite unnerving. So, what should you do once you know these gnawing creatures are present in your premises? Serious infestations will need pest control kits specifically meant for rats. Here are some easy and simple ways to get rid of rats.

Using peppermint natural oil

Mice, most of us are aware, have an impressive sense of smell. This is why the usage of peppermint oil helps. While we find the smell tangy, refreshing and pleasant, for our mice it is nothing short of offensive and overwhelming. You will need some cotton balls and a bottle of peppermint essential oil. Take each cotton ball an add 20 to 30 drops to each ball and keep them at strategic locations around your home. Refresh these if you feel the smell fading after a week. Peppermint oil is preferred by many because it is pure and natural and non toxic in nature. So, it could be a great choice if there are kids in your household.

Mothballs are effective

Placing mothballs in kitchens and near cracks and crevices where you think these rats may be present is a great idea. Just like they are poisonous for us humans, these mothballs are equally dangerous for these rats too. Their stomach is inflamed by the poisonous effect of these balls and they eventually die. However, be careful if you have toddlers at home since they can easily attracted by these tiny balls and try to reach out to them. It is better to place them outdoors since the offensive odor is bad for humans. Also, refraining from touching them with naked hands is important too.

Pungent pepper works its charm too

Freshly ground pepper could be an ideal antidote for rats. Crush some roasted pepper pods and sprinkle them around holes, cracks and crevices. The strong smell of the pepper powder makes it difficult for the rats to breathe and suffocates them to death. Pepper is another safe remedy for killing rats at home. However, you need to ensure the pepper has been freshly ground for generating the strongest of smells. Packed pepper powder may not do the trick for you.

You can make your own trap

Trapping has been considered one of the most effective ways of dealing with rats fast. You can create a trap by placing bait for attracting rats. You can put peanut butter or cheese since these are the rats’ favorite. As the rat enters the trap and tries to eat the bait, it is captured inside the trap. The best way to get rid of rats is to seal cracks and crevices, clean up food particles that might be lying here and there and maintain a clean home in general.

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