Signs of Pest Infestation to Watch out for When Buying a New Home


House hunting isn't only about looking for layouts, sizes and amenities. These days, rodent and bed bug infestation is on the rise, and screening your new home for the same is indispensable. The locality might have a pest problem, or the previous resident might not have been vigilant about any pest infestations.

Even if your future house looks pest-free, carrying a pest control kit is a good idea. Here are a few red flags that signal pest infestation in vacant homes.


Most pests are nocturnal animals, and are good at hiding away droppings, which might not get noticed very easily. Poke behind doors, cupboards, under furniture, and under nooks that could otherwise have been missed.

Look out for urine stains, and rodent pellets, since these can also spread disease. If you are anyway going ahead with a house in spite of droppings, have a pest control kit handy.

Strange odors and sounds

This is a perceivable sign, as pests often give off certain smells that are easily recognizable. Bugs have a musty, sweet smell, and mice leave behind foul, urine-like smell. Rats tend to smell like ammonia, and cockroaches can be detected by an oily odor. Strange squeaky sounds or the sound of feet pattering on floorboards is also a red flag that the house could be pest infested.

Traces of nesting

Any dark spaces or shredded fabric or newspapers indicate nesting. Holes in cupboard walls and dark alleys are common nesting spots of rodents. If this is the case, do look out for wall stains that look like grease. Nesting is commonly seen in garages, and though it isn't alarming, it is definitely a warning sign of pest infestation.

Carrying a good pest control kit becomes an imperative while moving in. Besides, those dark spaces and cracks and crevices also as the favorite harborage of bed bugs, especially nearby human resting and sleeping place.

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