How to Deal with Spiders at Home

Spiders are an important part of our ecosystem. Having a few around your garden area is perfectly normal. However, if you find them indoors and absolutely detest their presence, there are some potent measures to undertake for managing the spider menace. Serious infestations however, will have to be dealt with by professionals who will come equipped with specialized tools and pest control kits. However, before you can call them, here are some of the things to try on your own.

Plug all Holes

Remember, spiders can enter your premises through very tiny holes. So, holes in and around the doors and windows that might have been drilled due to plumbing or electrical work will have to be secured with caulk. You will need to carry out a combing operation within your premises, for detecting any open inlet. Plug all of these so that these pests cannot enter in the first place. Check the window screens and consider repairs if necessary. Look under the door for large gaps and place a wood plank if necessary. Secure chimney outlets with nets.

Clean up

Dusty and dirty homes are breeding grounds for pests. You need to conduct regular cleaning at your premises. Dusting, mopping, vacuuming and disinfecting should all be part of your everyday routine. Clear the clutter; allow plenty of fresh air and sunlight to come in. Minimize items at home, especially those meant for storage. These bugs tend to hide behind curtains, sofas and even storage trunks and boxes. This will help spiders from breeding indoors.

Use Vinegar

Vinegar is that magic potion that can be put to multiple uses in the modern day household. One of them is keeping spiders away. So, mix equal parts of vinegar and water and spray in and around holes, gaps and crevices, for a spider proof house.

Citrus Peels work Fine too

Citrus peels work fine as well. Spiders hate citrus smells. So you can use orange or lemon peels and rub them against possible hideouts like shelves and racks, in and around window panes, around holes and cracks and so on. Also rub them against the kitchen platform, shelves and also the cook top, in order to be sure.

Sticky traps

There are many different kinds of traps available for spiders. The ones with pesticides are not exactly best options for homes, especially if you have young children around. What you need to use is a sticky trap that is non toxic. Spiders can get easily caught in these. Consider replacing the old trap with a new one once the trap has caught a couple of spiders.

Use Tobacco Dust

You can use a bit of tobacco dust for sprinkling around the house. This will help keep spiders at bay. You can also soak tobacco in water and mix this tobacco water with one part plain water and spray it around the house.
Professional help should however, be sought if you are unable to manage the problem with these hacks. Consider sourcing pest control kits for targeting spiders or calling on a pest control service for eradicating the problem in entirety.

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