How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are not just a nuisance that keep humming in your ears and biting you. They are carriers of viral diseases and life-threatening infections. If you have a body of standing water near your home, there is a good chance your home is infested with mosquitoes. A pest control kit is indispensable if you live close to standing water or in a hot climate.

Using soap water outside your house or applying mosquito repellant lotions on the skin can prevent mosquito bites. However, to get rid of them totally, you should learn the below tips.

Use citronella to drive them away

Citronella is a proven mosquito repellent, and it can be used in different forms to drive them away. Candles made from this grass can be burned to give off a smoke that can keep mosquitoes away. Planting citronella in your garden is also a good idea, since it can be rubbed on the skin to repel them. In addition to citronella, burning essential oils is also said to keep your home mosquito-free.

Invest in a mosquito trapping system

Mosquito-trapping machines use carbon dioxide and heat to lure mosquitoes towards it and kill them. These systems can be a little expensive, so you consider getting a pest control kit instead. Lastly, avoid using electric zappers, since these kill harmless bugs and generate unnecessary noise.

Eat and grow garlic

Garlic serves as an excellent mosquito repellent in landscaping, and it is believed that adding garlic to your diet can keep mosquitoes away. Growing garlic has been deemed more effective, and can serve as a secondary measure. Plant garlic in your garden, or have plant containers on your balcony for the same. You can also sprinkle garlic around the outside of your house.

Maintain swimming pools and water features

In houses that have ponds or swimming pools, frequent maintenance can help to keep mosquitoes away. Standing water in pools that aren't used frequently can form breeding areas for mosquito larvae. Keep any grass or vegetation near water features mowed and change the water in your birdbaths regularly. Treating pools with certain chemicals can repel mosquitoes.

Get pest control for complete elimination

If you want to rid your home of mosquitoes for good, nothing beats pest control. Pest control services have trained professionals that use effective methods like thermal fogging to targeting those flying adult mosquitos and larviciding methodology to inhibit larval cycles. For personal protection, they also using mosquito or insect repellent to avoid the bites. You can also get a pest control kit to get rid of mosquitoes without paying for pest control services.

Introduce mint in your daily life

People that can stand the scent of mint can use it to good effect to get rid of mosquitoes. Research has found that mint extracts are one of the best natural mosquito repellents. It can be used in a vaporizer or applied on the body to keep these insects away. An easy way to use mint to repel mosquitoes is to spray mint flavored mouthwash around the house.

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