How to Find Bed Bugs

A bed bug infestation can be a truly serious problem to deal with.Thus, better to deal with it when the infestation is yet to spread.. The wider the spread, the costlier it would be to deal with the infestation. Hence looking for early signs of infestation would be advisable. Once the presences of these bugs are detected, you can always opt for specialized pest control kits for the purpose. We look at some tell-all signs to keep an eye for.

Prominent blood stains on your mattress or sheets in the morning

Never ignore blood stain like marks on your mattress or sheets. Although there might have been multiple infestations during the night, like spiders and mosquitoes, these do not generally leave blood stains on sheets. When you find stains that are brighter and larger, it indicates that the bug was crushed to death while it was digesting a meal.

Fecal Deposits

Another evidence to lookout for is fecal deposits. These could appear as dark black or red or yellowish tiny dots on your bed sheet. Although these spots might appear like flea dirt, those caused by bugs would be smaller. So, a minute inspection would be warranted in order to distinguish bug infestation from flea infestation. Once noticed, immediate action should be taken for perfect control.

Bed Bug Skin

As the nymphs or baby bugs mature into adulthood, they shed skin for a good five times before maturing. The skins they discard appear like empty shells or more like empty casings. You can lookout for these shells on the mattress and even on the bed sheet. The appearance of shells will also give an idea of the size of the bugs. You can even ask pest control specialists to lookout for these shells for a fair idea of the size of bugs invading your mattress.

Live bugs

You may find live bugs on your mattress as well. If you notice live bugs, know for a fact that the infestation has reached mammoth proportions. In such cases, specialized pest control kits should be engaged immediately for removing them from the premises.


If you are suffering from persistent insect bites, this too could be one of the signs of a bed bug infestation, albeit a poor one. Bites can actually occur due to many different kinds of pests, specifically bug bites cannot be distinguished as unique.

The Right Method of Inspection

You need to examine your bedding carefully using a strong flashlight. The heads and corners deserve special attention. Pull back the blanket, the bed cover and the sheet as well as the padding on the mattress in order to lookout for bugs. The edges of the mattress need thorough inspection. The edges of stickers and labels also need inspection.

The best way to keep infestation away is to maintain impeccable cleanliness. Seeking professional help is necessary whenever required.

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