Signs of Cockroach Infestation

Primarily cockroaches are nocturnal creatures. They are more comfortable in dark and moist conditions. They also have the capability of flattening their body for adjusting in cracks and crevices. Practically, they can invade almost every nook and corner of the house! Detecting them early is therefore extremely important for waging a potent counter-attack! Once a cockroach infestation has been confirmed, pest control kits that are specifically meant for dealing with these pests can be considered for counter action. We look at some signs of cockroach infestation here.

Has your Home been Infested by Roaches? —Some Signs to Look out for

• Physically Spotting one: Of course, the surest proof of infestation is to spot one of these creatures in your home. Typically, you can spot one at night. Roaches tend to scatter as soon as you switch on the light of a room. You may even find them running around for food during day time, specifically if the infestation has reached an alarming intensity.

• Spotting Fecal Matter: Another sure shot way to determine the presence of roaches is to look out for fecal matter. Small ones will produce feces that look like grounded coffee powder or like black pepper. Larger ones will leave behind cylindrical feces. Tracking the quantity of feces strewn around could be a good indicator of the extent of infestation.

• Egg Casings can also be Detected: Roaches produce multiple eggs in casings. These cases are also known as oothecae. You can find one with eggs that are yet to be hatched. You can also chance upon empty cases once the eggs have been hatched. Even if you find one, it means that you have cockroaches in your premise. Generally, one egg case can hold about 10 to 20 eggs inside. However, the German species can hold about 50 eggs inside. Egg casings can be identified by their brownish color and oval kind of shape. Some of these cockroaches might even carry these eggs with them till they hatch.

• Dead Roaches: If the infestation is intense, you are likely to find dead roaches strewn under your sink or inside your kitchen cupboard, during the day time. And this could be a confirmed signal of intense infestation.

• A Distinct Odor: A single cockroach is not likely to produce any odor. However, an entire battalion can make their presence felt with a strong odor. The smell can be pungent, musky and even oily. If you can detect such an odor in your premise, it means that roaches are indeed present in large numbers and that the problem needs to be attended to on war footing.

Cockroach infestation at home can lead to serious health hazards including dysentery, typhoid, diarrhea and the likes. Thankfully, you can seek specialized pest control kits meant for cockroach infestation. If you are shifting in a new property that has been used before, it is a good idea to perform a pest control procedure prior to moving in.

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