Rat Inn Bait Station

Safe snap trap

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Rat Inn Bait Station

This heavy duty bait station is able to withstand the toughest baiting situations indoors and outdoors. This bait station has added security - comes with a locking screws and unlocks with a special designed key, ensuring non-targeted animals is kept away from the baits.


- Durable "living hinge" capable to open and close for 100,000 times
- Safety lock feature
- Compatible to use with T-Rex Rat Snap Trap


Targeted Pest: Rodent
Packaging: 1 unit
For use in: Indoor or Outdoor

Insert the key into the lock and tilt upwards to unlock the bait station. Set up Glue Boards or T-Rex and close the lid. Place the bait box along the corners of the room or areas where rodent activities were seen. Monitor for rodent activities.

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