Pet Odor Eliminator

Absorbs and neutralizes odor

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Pet Odor Eliminator

Pet Odor Eliminator is formulated using natural mixed ingredients. In a granular form. this product is good in absorption, neutralization and removal of odor. It does not "mask" up the odor with a fragrance, but removes them.


- Removal of odor in 24 hours via neutralization
- Safe to use around children and pets
- Biodegradable
- Non-flammable
- Scentless and do not contain any allergic airborne particle


Packaging: Can 400g
For use in: Indoor (carpets, pet house or bed, sofa)

Sprinkle the granules on or near odors, and leave it overnight. Can be use on carpets, tiles, vinyl, concrete and hardwood or even pet bedding and littering boxes! Vacuum away the granules once finish.

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