Advion Cockroach Gel

Cockroach control

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Advion Cockroach Gel

Advion Cockroach Gel is the first bait proven for tertiary kill - one containminate cockroach can carry to another cockroach, which then exposed to a third cockroach. The formulation of Advion was developed to specifically overcome gel bait-aversion in tough cockroach populations.


- High consumption bait matrix
- Non-repellent
- Performs well on all major cockroach species
- 24 hours efficacy
- Safe for use in food-handling establishment


Targeted Pest: Cockroach
Packaging: Syringe 35g
For use in: Indoor (kitchen, bathroom, warehouse, food storage area)

Use a clean cloth to clean application area, do not apply in areas where pesticides/ insecticides were used. Remove cap, touch tip to surface and depress the plunger. Place gel in areas of suspected ants activity or near to ant trails or nests. For best resutls, apply many spots. Recap the gel after use.

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