First Response Bed Bug Monitor

Active bed bug trap

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First Response Bed Bug Monitor

First Response Bed Bug Monitor is a scientific breakthrough that uses a combination of heat and lure to actively lure in bed bugs. This trap monitor your room while you sleep! The First Response Bed Bug Monitor warmers are safe for air travel and can go into your luggage.


- For overnight monitoring
- Active bed bug trap, luring bed bugs into the system
- Using natural ingredients
- Easy to set up, disposable


Targeted Pest: Bed Bug
Packaging: 2 traps per pack
For use in: Indoor (underneath bed, cabinet, 4m around bed)

Add 1 teaspoon(6ml) warm water in the hole of the plastic lid to activate carbon dioxide. Remove release paper from sticky trap, pull diagonally from corner to corner. Place baited cup on the circle on the sticky trap. Open heat pad pouch and palced on the retangle shape of the sticky trap. Open small platic vial lid and pour the pheromone on heat pad. Remove trap after one night.

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